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We have the very first stills from Season 2 of The Originals!

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The CW has released the season 2 trailer for The Originals! Can’t wait for October 6th!

Robin Ross from TV Guide gives us a sneak peek of one of the special features of the Season 5 DVD.

Counting down the days before The Vampire Diaries returns? Us too! Which is why we’re here to satisfy your craving with an exclusive video from the Season 5 DVD.

Among the big moments last year (RIP Katherine!) was the CW series’ milestone 100th episode. And as with most epic achievements, this one came with an awesome party filled with pretty people — in this case our favorite cast members past and present. Check out some behind-the-scenes footage from the big bash and see what stars Nina Dobrev,Paul Wesley, Joseph Morgan, executive producer Julie Plecand more had to say about the accomplishment.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 DVD is out on September 9and Season 6 returns Thursday, Oct. 2 at 8/7c on The CW.

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I have added some new images to the gallery from Joseph & Persia’s wedding album! It seems that they had such a beautiful day!

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Nina shared this fun photo on twitter which features Joseph!

Apparently I have SOOOO many boyfriends. Here’s four more. I’m so busy.

P.S. Nina just a little FYI … Joseph is already taken!

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I have added four new photoshoots that Joseph did at Comic Con with his The Originals co-stars!

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Perez Hilton caught up with the cast of the Originals last night to talk about the new season!

Joseph gives us a small look into the new season of The Originals.

The Originals comes back this Fall for season two, and we already heard lots of juicy details about the new season in the show’s Comic-Con International: San Diego panel, but we also had the chance to catch up with star Joseph Morgan, who plays lead character Klaus, at the convention. Morgan chatted with us and a few reporters about where Klaus will pick up after the crazy happenings of the season finale (remember, there’s a time jump), like how much grief he’s going through, the brother who’s coming, and how much revenge he needs.

What can you tease about the first few episodes?
Joseph Morgan: They’re going to explore a lot more of the original parents and their relationship with us [the Mikaelson kids], how that made us the creatures or the people that we are, how Klaus’s relationship with his father influenced how he is as a father, and we’re going to finally find out which one of the brothers came back, which one of them it was at the end. He’s going to be seeking revenge on those who contributed to the sending away of his daughter or the need to send away his daughter. There’s going to be some payment needed — blood payment needed.

So Klaus will be getting his revenge?
JM: They each have different ideas to deal with the loss of Hope. Even though they’ve confined themselves to the compound — Elijah, Hayley, and Klaus — they are very distant with each other, so it’s like three strangers living in the same building. They have this huge baby-shaped hole in their lives that they don’t want to talk about, and they each remind each other of what they’ve lost. They have different ideas of how to deal with that, and Klaus’s idea — surprise, surprise — is revenge.

Is there going to be any levity amid all this darkness and drama?
JM: Yes, it comes in the form of Josh, everybody’s favorite character! There is, and [Daniel] Gillies and I work pretty hard to inject some levity into our relationship. A lot of it’s taken out! I feel like, if we’re having too much fun with the scene, it’s sort of going downhill because it’s more about our enjoyment. As well as levity, there’s some kind of relief from that darkness just with the compassion and the care that comes from these family members. We will see some rebuilding of relationships, and some of that will help alleviate from the dark cloud that’s over them at the moment.

How soon will Esther and Mikael be revealed to Klaus and the main characters?
JM: That’s in the “do not reveal” section of the talking points I was given! [But] on a show, which moves at a rapid pace, I think you can expect things to unfold quite quickly. We’re not ones for dragging out story lines on The Originals too far — except for the whole pregnancy thing.


During Comic-Con the cast of the Originals sat down with TV Line for a fun filled interview!

In the wake of its game-changing finale, what’s the forecast for Season 2 of The Originals?

Series stars Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies and Phoebe Tonkin amusingly struggled to answer that question during an “interrogation” by Andy Swift in TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con video suite.

Thankfully, executive producer Julie Plec was there to lend a hand — along with cast members Charles Michael Davis, Leah Pipes and Danielle Campbell.

Yes, sometimes, it takes a village to deliver scoop and spoilers — and to conjure up the spirit of the late, great Aunt Jenna.

Press PLAY for the full, goofy experience, then hit the comments with your thoughts for Season 2 (and your dream Vampire Diaries crossover scenario)!

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Loved the title of this article!

‘The Originals’ want to dress up like Ian Somerhalder
They also talk about their show

[MUSIC] You’re watching EW dot com, and I’m here at the EW hideout at the Hard Rock Hotel . It’s Comecon, I’m here with the originals, how are you guys. [LAUGH] You know, you guys, Good start so far, good start, keep it together everyone. I know, like don’t move. I mean, do you guys like Comecon, is this crazy, this must be nuts for you all. It’s up for a Julie I know. Because I’ve gotten so many tweets. Yeah. Do you like it? Are you a big fan? It was my third year I think, yeah, I love it. It’s really funny. [CROSSTALK] Oh my gosh, a Comic Con