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A dinner invitation from Esther makes Klaus and Elijah suspicious of their mother’s intentions, but they hope a new witch named Lenore can help them outsmart her. Meanwhile, Esther shares a secret about Klaus’ childhood and reveals what she has in store for her children.

Thanks to Andrea we have captures from this week’s episode of the Originals, Alive & Kicking!

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TV Line gives us an exclusive new look as the brothers argue over Hayley!

Now that Hayley’s hybrid instincts are kicking in on The Originals — just ask Francesca(‘s ghost) about that — it’s time for Klaus and

Elijah to figure out the best course of action. Spoiler alert: They don’t exactly see eye to eye.

In TVLine’s exclusive first look at Monday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c), the Mikaelson brothers’ casual chat about the state of Ms. Marshall’s inner beast takes an ugly turn.

“She is embracing this,” Klaus assures Elijah. “A little less criticism from you and Hayley will be just fine.”

Elijah’s response? “Niklaus, the mother of your child deserves much better than ‘just fine!’”

All right, it’s time to pick a side: Do you agree with Klaus’ laid-back approach, or should Elijah intervene?

Joseph & Nina speak with TVLine about Nina’s visit to New Orlean’s as Tatia!

Now that the new seasons of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals are finally underway, it’s time to look ahead to the series’ next major milestone: November’s highly anticipated crossover.

“It’s shocking, I think,” Joseph Morgan tells TVLine of the episode, which will find Nina Dobrev slipping into the role of original doppelgänger Tatia — whom Klaus and Elijah both fell in love with — for the first time. “It’s pretty grim. I don’t want to spoil too much, but it’s definitely revealing of the brothers and what happened back then.”

Per executive producer Michael Narducci, the episode flashes back to “the time of the Vikings,” a period which Morgan believes is “vital” to revisit if you want to fully understand where Klaus and Elijah came from: “It was when they’d just become vampires and Klaus’ curse was placed upon him by his mother.”

In addition to revealing more about the Mikaelson brothers, the Nov. 4 episode will also fill in the blanks about Tatia, a character only mentioned once thus far on The Vampire Diaries.

“We tell a story that will make you understand [Tatia's] fate and what happened to her,” adds Narducci.

doppelgangersDobrev says her initial response to the crossover was something to the effect of “Whoa, whoa, whoa! We’re adding another character?” but it didn’t take long for her to warm up to the idea.

“[Executive producer] Julie Plec pitched the story, which was actually cool and made a lot of sense, so that got me excited,” Dobrev admits. “As much as I joke and say that playing a lot of characters is crazy — which it is — it’s also fun to create new people. It helps keep things fresh after six years, you know?”

Although Morgan is quick to laugh off a “steamy” encounter between Klaus and Tatia, Dobrev hints that there might be some romantic action in store for fans. And after six years, she’s become something of an expert in that department.

“I’ve even kissed Steven [R. McQueen], unfortunately,” she says of her characters’ many encounters. “Well, it wasn’t a kiss, but I had to do mouth-to-mouth with Jeremy as Katherine. I remember reading that episode and being like, ‘Really?’”.

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Thanks to Andrea we have captures from last night’s season premiere of the Originals.

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Did you love last night’s premiere?!?! I thought it was awesome! Glad to have The Originals back on my television!

Here is a preview for next week’s all new episode, Alive and Kicking.

Klaus encourages Hayley to regain her position within her werewolf pack; Mikael tries to uncover a spell that will protect her loved ones; Davina and Kaleb are threatened when unexpected visitors crash their dinner; Klaus grows suspicious when a meeting with Cassie doesn’t go as planned.

E!Online spoke with Joseph & some of his castmates about tonight’s season premiere of The Originals! They give us 11 things to expect in the episode!

Things aren’t going well in the Big Easy on The Originals.

Since the epic and heartbreaking events of the season one finale went down, the Mikaelsons have retreated in defeat to their compound while werewolves run amok in the city of New Orleans. And if the idea of Klaus (Joseph Morgan) sulking in defeat sounds unlike the murderous, vengeful hybrid, just wait until you actually see it with your own eyes. It’s shocking beyond belief.
But thankfully, when season two premieres tonight, Klaus won’t stay that way for long.

In preparation for the fast-paced, action-packed episode, “Rebirth,” we went straight to the cast for all the scoop they could reveal on what’s coming up this season. Here’s everything you need to know about The Originals season two, according to Joseph Morgan, Charles Michael Davis and Danielle Campbell!

1. There’s a time jump. “We pick up about four months after we left them and the Mikaelsons have locked themselves away in the compound—Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Klaus and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin)—and they’re living like strangers, very distant from each other,” Morgan says. “There’s a big, baby-shaped hole between them. They feel the absence of Hope and Rebekah (Claire Holt) very strongly and they remind each other of what they’ve collectively lost. They’re not dealing too well with it. Klaus has thrown himself into painting to try and control something.”

2. The Guerrera werewolves should prepare for the worst. We do not envy Francesca, even though she’s at the top and running New Orleans now. “Klaus has been plotting his bloody, violent revenge on anyone who was involved with sending his daughter away,” Morgan says. “And when we pick up, the time is coming when that revenge is imminent. Klaus, Elijah and Hayley develop a complicated plot with the full moon approaching, and that is the perfect time to put their plan into action.”

3. Marcel is also plotting, but for a different reason. “We’ll see him a little bit more established after what happened last season,” Davis says. “He has a clear conscience after apologizing at the end of last season and doesn’t have any guilt laying on him. He’s going to be getting back to the Marcel that we saw in the pilot but he needs to rebuild. We’ll see him trying to build a new army and grow some roots, but unfortunately he has to do it across the river. He needs to get groove back before he can get the city back.”

4. Davina’s a whole new girl. “Over the past couple months, Davina has grown up a lot,” Campbell says. “She’s left her coven and is trying to teach herself magic because they have in no way, shape or form been like a family to her. She’s not very trusting anymore because she’s been used so much, especially last season. She’s lost so many people that she cared about and her main priority is keeping her loved ones safe. She doesn’t want to lose anyone else. She’ll do anything to keep Marcel and Josh safe.”

5. Josh is doing some soul searching. “He’s going to be figuring out his place in the world and he has to decide what he’s fighting for,” Campbell says of Davina’s vampire BFF. “He’s taken under Marcel’s wing as they try to rebuild the vampire army.”

6. Hayley needs help…from Klaus? Now that Hayley’s a hybrid, Elijah is going to struggle with connecting with her. “Elijah is fairly concerned for Hayley and how she’s coping with her new life as a hybrid and as a mother who is estranged from her daughter,” Morgan says. “So he encourages Klaus to pass on some wisdom on what it means to be a hybrid and help her in whatever way he can. He tries to help but I’m not sure how much of it is useful to her! He’s not the greatest communicator. Plus, Hayley reminds him of losing his daughter and the same goes for Hayley, so they’re very distant from each other.”

7. Cami and Marcel might reconnect. Since Klaus essentially broke up with Cami (Leah Pipes), there’s nothing stopping her from resuming her hot hookup with Marcel. “Cami’s fair game! She’s back on the market,” Davis says with a laugh. “There’s a chance that Marcel might pick things up with her. We’ll see what comes of that early on in season two, if they try to date, or just hook up or something else.”

8. The Mikaelson family reunion won’t be all hugs and kisses. Now that Esther and Mikael are both back (with which Mikaelson brother?) with their own plans for their children, things are about to get really complicated. “When Klaus does learn that they’ve both returned, it’s going to be a very difficult thing, especially in the light of being a father now,” Morgan says. “He’s grown a lot and learned a lot and that was a huge journey for him to be emotionally open enough to accept his daughter and to want that in his life so that definitely informs his relationship with his parents.

To see them both again after having been through that, it definitely gives him a new perspective on how they treated him and his feelings of abandonment. We’re going to see some big emotional and physical confrontations.”

9. Davina has complete control over Mikael…right? “As far as she knows she has him completely under her control. But it’s pretty safe to say that she could face some difficulties along the way with keeping him under her control,” Campbell says. “Mikael has always been portrayed as this terrifying monster so to watch how Davina handles him and how he handles her, it’s almost funny. They bicker and they’re annoyed with each other all the time. It’s a cool relationship to watch.”

10. There’s a new bad boy in town, and he’s got eyes for Davina. “As Davina is planning her revenge on Klaus, she gets a little sidetracked and distracted by a new bad boy in town, Kaleb,” Campbell says of Teen Wolf star Daniel Sharman’s new character. “He’s charming but she’s not very trusting, so he’s going to have to work a lot to win her over.”

11. The premiere will be as epic as the finale. “As you know, we move at a really fast pact so the premiere is full of action,” Davis says. “I was surprised with how we closed up some loops and questions in the premiere alone. The episode feels almost like a finale.”

The Originals season two premieres tonight at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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Only 5 more days and to help with the wait we have some new posters, promos & stills from the new season of the Originals!

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